Yerba Buena, 2011: Our Hero, Ivory Sun Nico

In her late twenties or your money back. Hair as long and yellow as an August afternoon. Slouchy and shapeless, dressed like the delinquent boyfriend your delinquent girlfriend stole her clothes from. She wears tops with passive aggressive slogans and intricately patterned tights. Shoulders too broad and ribcage too big and still short for a tall girl.

She’s got some Off and On Active Abilites; probably worth mentioning is the whip, either in the form of a chain or a remark. In either case it’s a linked with that soft yellow ivory that leaves bruises that never get better and only get worse—you know the kind. You’ve got to wait for the spacing and timing to be right and not just throw it out and pray it sticks like a fucking IDIOT unless you’re the sort of stupidly lucky person who is caculated correct 50% of the time and right by accident the other 50% like Nico is. Give or take that is. She comes complete with a box of similar bullshit; she wants to trick you into thinking you have to play the game she wants to play. Just cut the knot instead. She will appreciate it.

Of her Passive-Agressive Abilities, you should be careful of that breathy haze that makes everything drunk and hard to see and think. In one sense Nico is a well you can keep drinking up forever, but in another sense she’s like being drunk and falling down a well. People and things that people make forget themselves and how they work. Be careful of prolonged exposure to or confined spaces with her.

Nico specializes in venus, with some jupiter, but she can get in any kind of trouble..


Aevee Bee

Aevee Bee is a flannel vaporwave queer and the editor of ZEAL, an online micro zine with cool art and games coverage of overlooked games from exciting new writers and artists. She runs an extremely self-indulgent twitter account and tumblr, contributes regularly to Paste magazine, and freelances in the odd corners of the web. Mammon Machine is her horrifying aesthetic.