Yerba Buena, 2011: Nico Smokes and Prays

The last thing in the world Nico should do is smoke these cheap bad cigarettes. But she wants to. Her hips nearly give out when she tries to stand because Marie is the best and also the worst. She turns on the fan and blows the smoke out of the window. Marie is the most content sleeper. She’s got nothing to lose.

The lights of Marie’s computers and charms soak the apartment. Nico loves the way all the lights go out at night. Only small glowing in the Yerba Buena night. Prayerful. Nico folds her hands. 



Songs of selves.

We tell the story. 

We are the gods.

We are the story.

We are the stars.

Give us the story. 

The skyline is so beautiful. Nico loves it. She is so happy. She has one of Marie’s blankets around her and she smells nice. She can’t see herself and no one else can see her. So she’s beautiful. So she’s so beautiful.


Aevee Bee

Aevee Bee is a flannel vaporwave queer and the editor of ZEAL, an online micro zine with cool art and games coverage of overlooked games from exciting new writers and artists. She runs an extremely self-indulgent twitter account and tumblr, contributes regularly to Paste magazine, and freelances in the odd corners of the web. Mammon Machine is her horrifying aesthetic.