Yerba Buena, 2011: Mars In Love

Marie sleeps like a dragon in a bed big enough to fit herself and everything she adores. She snores in her piles of clothes and blankets and possessions and abrasive fragile little creatures who want to share that experience. Marie can hold down Nico with one hand, but when Nico wakes up in the middle of the night Marie’s grip is lose enough to wriggle out of. Marie is so magnanimous with her things. She doesn’t care if she loses her stuff or it gets stolen or broken. After stuff becomes hers it can become whatever else it wants. Marie expresses her greed with a monk-like attunement to the impermanence of the world. Girls and stuff can come and go as they please, and why shouldn’t they? They have the right to. They can do whatever they want. Nothing in the world can make Marie mad and you just have to accept that. You have to accept that she can rule your entire world or not whatever it’s fine.

That’s why getting out of Marie’s bed is a fucking odyssey.


Aevee Bee

Aevee Bee is a flannel vaporwave queer and the editor of ZEAL, an online micro zine with cool art and games coverage of overlooked games from exciting new writers and artists. She runs an extremely self-indulgent twitter account and tumblr, contributes regularly to Paste magazine, and freelances in the odd corners of the web. Mammon Machine is her horrifying aesthetic.