Aevee Bee is a writer, teacher, speaker, game designer, and editor. That's a lot of things she does! She is the Editor-In-Chief of ZEAL, an online zine of essays and comics about overlooked games by exciting new writers and artists. She's also the writer, director, and co-creative lead of 2015 visual novel We Know The Devil. She runs an extremely self-indulgent twitter account, @mammonmachine, and has freelanced at one point or another for publications such as Gamasutra, Paste, Kotaku, and Zam. Her preferred contact for inquiries about her writing, speaking, and publishing is her email,



ZEAL is an online Micro-Zine that produces the following each month, powered by Medium and funded by Patreon.



In 2015 I wrote and directed the small indie visual novel We Know The Devil, and I've made a few other things too.


Small personal writing.